"I laughed, I cried...."

I, just this moment, finished reading your beautiful book in its entirety....and my overall feeling is that this book is spectacular and necessary. It is written in a style that is SO true to the way you converse with clients and friends and your warmth really comes through.... I love that. Other things I love....

Must read for anyone wanting to start a family!!!

This book is a must read for anyone considering pregnancy not just those with fertility issues. This is a simple easy to implement and very effective guide. Dr. Pentland makes it so easy to understand technical aspects of fertility. The recommendations are very simple yet so effective. This book not only touches on fertility but has essential tools for general well-being and overall health & life style improvements! Dr. Pentland is obviously an expert in his field. His passion, wisdom and genuine care shines through!!

Expert advice...

This is an eye-opening book. Dr Pentland offers sound advice for a range of fertility issues. I was moved and inspired when I found aspects of my own struggle chronicled in the personal case studies detailed in the book. Brilliantly researched and chalk-full of specific helpful solutions in diet, stress reduction, treatment options, and long-term health.

A truly great book from a great Doctor

A must read for anyone struggling with infertility. This book gives helpful tips on becoming pregnant along with inspiring stories from those that have struggling to become pregnant. A truly great book from a great Doctor.

You would have to spend a lot of time sourcing out all the great info included in this book...

This book is a one stop resource for the lay person/couples dealing with infertility. You would have to spend a lot of time sourcing out all the great information from multiple locations that can be found in this one succinct and accessible book. It has real life examples, simple tips, deep insight and heart. The author is a world leading expert in the field. A must for anyone going through this struggle.


The book is a wonderful resource and encouraging and comforting as well. I find myself reaching for it particularly when I need a bit of "uplifting", and need to feel like I have the power to influence the future - as opposed to being written off by a set of "cold" lab results. :-)

I imagine the book will be of great help to many people

"The book has certainly been an interesting read. Dr. Pentland has done a fantastic job of imparting so much important information upon readers without using language, style or tone that screams textbook. His writing is so easily digestible, I imagine the book will be of great help to many people." - Alison Ensworth, BC Living Magazine contributor (link to article by Alison - http://www.bcliving.ca/health-fitness/10-steps-to-help-you-conceive)

Played such an integral role in our fertility journey

Dr. Pentland... couldn’t let another day go by without actually stopping to take a moment to congratulate you on your book. I will be placing an on-line order for my copy, as regrettably, I am unable to take part in your launch. You played such an integral role in our fertility journey, and I couldn’t be more pleased that you are now able to connect with a wider audience. Our very best wishes to you and your practice as you continue to assist women and their families in their efforts to conceive. ~ Take care... K

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